SErvices Offered

Are you tired of the fast lanes of this life? We believe we can make a difference. We currently offer:

  • Clothing for the needy
  • Food for the hungry
  • Help for the formerly incarcerated
  • Employment Assistance
  • Information & Referral
  • Transitional Housing Program for the homeless
  • CHRON Program (Chronic Homeless Resource & Opportunity Network)

Outreach Programs:

Transitional Housing

This program provides 24 one-room efficiencies for single homeless individuals. We provide a wide array of supportive services that reach a significant number of economically disadvantaged community residents, homeless individuals, and those in need of jobs, job training, and other life skills training. We help these individuals get and maintain permanent jobs that pay a living wage, which is crucial to attaining a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle. This program helps bridge the gap in our community by bringing the homeless off the streets and providing them with housing.

Chronic Homeless Resource & Opportunity Network (CHRON)

This program provides 4 one-room efficiencies for permanent housing and supportive services for disabled, chronically homeless individuals. The referrals for the program come from agencies that target the homeless population in our city. Our program restores a safety net that will prevent our clients from falling through the cracks – returning to homelessness. We will also include ways to help those who are functional to support themselves.